Do you remember your first experience on your bicycle?
Was it pedaling in the park with your dad in chase next to you? Was it flying down an alley way just to hit a parked car? Or was it the sense of freedom you got while cruising down the street with some friends? Most youth in underserved neighborhoods will never have these basic opportunities which so many take for granted.

Our program is dedicated to providing at-risk youth the ability to safely participate in this rite of passage at no cost. In addition to honing their skills on a BMX, we address some of the most endemic issues facing underserved neighborhoods. Mentors provide open discussions on anti-violence initiatives, healthy choices, physical fitness and bicycle safety.

BMXlife: A hub for anti-violence initiatives.

Our parent organization, ODAAT, has reached hundreds of thousands with anti-violence discussions over the past 30 years. We take a page from their book and provide a safe and secure place to openly discuss this topic.

BMXlife: A hub for healthy choices.

At-risk youth Philadelphians are confronted on a daily basis with the perils of the underserved communities which they live. ODAAT provides a 30 year background in addressing substance abuse, alcoholism, and tobacco use.

BMXlife: A hub for physical fitness.

Participants are taught the importance of physical activity and healthy eating. Mentors ride BMX with program participants for at least 1 hour every session. Healthy lunches are provided for free by the City of Philadelphia Youth Programs Department.

BMXlife: A hub for bicycle safety.

As cycling popularity gains momentum in our nation, safety is essential. We implement Safe Routes Philly training material and parking lot practices at the beginning of each session. In addition to this, participants get a chance to learn basic mechanic skills to ensure their bikes are safe to ride.




To read more about just how prevalent these issues are please click the link here.

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